Smoked salmon and prarts
Eggplant caviar, ricotta and pin nut
Fresh coriander & parsnip crisps

Poultry & foie gras
Glazed chicken with foie gras
Green lens & Bayonne ham
Beetroots dressing

Soft boiled egg
Jerusalem artichokes with cream sauce
Iberique shavings and roasted nuts

Starter of the day


Duck & artichokes
Pulled duck parmetier style
Artichokes parsley

Fresh cod fish, leeks "façon meunière"
Mussels & cockles in butter with herbs
Chorizo emulsion

Skate with caper sauce
Green cabbage buttered
Pumpkin and chestnut

Dish of the day


Saint Marcellin cheese

The Opera from Ciel de Paris
Chocolate & vanilla cream

Mont Blanc, chestnut emulsion
Blackcurrant ketchup
Cottage cheese sorbet

Ice cream / Sorbet