Soft-Boiled egg Ravioli from Royan
Iberian ham shaves/ Albufera emulsion

Breaded squid and sprats Piedmontese
salad and avocado Crunchy vegetables
Mustard sauce
Cold velvety of young leeks
Foie gras and smoked duck breast
Bread stick with paprika and dried fruits

Starter of the day


Pork tenderloin Roasted, oyster mushrooms
Spelt wheat risotto and roasted apple
With curry and coconut milk

Pike perch Roasted, buttered
green cabbage Burgundy fricassee
Lobster Stew

Cod and red mullet Brandade style
Crispy fennel and herb oil Aioli
Sauce parsnip crisps 

Dish of the day

Saint Marcellin cheese
Chocolate geometry Genoa bread
Cream and Araguani mousse
Cocoa crumble

Pear poached with vanilla
Crumble and supreme vanilla pastry
Blackcurrant confit

Ice cream / Sorbet