Chef | Christophe MARCHAIS


Plat starter Ciel de Paris

Organic Soft boiled egg
Creamy “tonka” artichokes
Nuggets of foie gras and chanterelle mushrooms
Milk foam with truffle oil
Grilled bacon / Paprika popcorn
32 €

Half-smoked salmon marinated in dill
Slightly lemony tarama cream with wasabi
Crispy spelled with seaweed and arugula
36 €

Crab meat & Smoked sprats
Crab meat sucrine lettuce and Tobico eggs
On a multicolored tomatoes
Basil espuma / Gretz mustard
Cassava chips, dried fruits
35 €

Lobster salad
Duo of carrots with ravigote sauce
Small summer vegetables
Truffle vinaigrette / dried caviar flowers
48 €

Spécial Ciel de Paris Foie gras tasting
46 €

L’excellence ïodée
Caviar Acipenser Baeri
Nano « ON THE ROCKS » by caviar de Neuvic (10gr)
Champagne Abelé 1757 Blanc de Blanc (15cl)
56 €

Caviar Daurenki « Petrossian » (30 gr)
Champagne Abelé 1757 Blanc de Blanc (15cl)
140 €


Fish Plate Ciel de Paris

Langoustines tails
Thermidor -style
Red onion, Pepper, zucchini piperade
Lemongrass and coconut milk sauce
39 €
Whole and shelled
Beans and peas riso
Roasted green asparagus and cassava chips
Coral lobster juice linked to sea urchin coral
85 €
Back of cod
Fried, candied fennel with saffron
“Beef heart” tomatoes compote
Virgin sauce, basil oil and aioli
46 €
Sea bass fillet
“Grenaille” baby potatoes fricassee
Green asparagus, chanterelle and artichokes
Arugula salad / parmesan crumble / Chorizo sauce
44 €


Meat Plate Ciel de Paris

Free- range poultry ballotine
Foie gras and oyster mushrooms
Charlotte potatoes risotto
Mini vegetables
40 €
Heart of beef fillet
Mashed Ratte potatoes
Roasted green asparagus and chanterelle
Melanosporum truffle sauce
59 €

Farm pork chop
Confit, Espelette pepper and ginger
Creamy sweet potato with vanilla
Rosemary honey sauce
43 €
Veal T-bone
“Tonka” artichoke cream
Mixed of broad beans and peas
Sucrine lettuce and crispy bacon / Savagnin sauce
46 €

Vegeterian Plate Ciel de Paris

Boiled egg / chanterelle mushrooms
Creamy “tonka” artichokes
Broad beans and chanterelle mushrooms
Milk foam with truffle oil / paprika popcorn

25 €

Variation of Tomatoes
"Multicolored tomatoes, chef's selection"
Iced foam / mustard / basil espuma
Smoked sprats, goat quail and pepper coulis
Hazelnut vinaigrette

21 €

Candied vegetable riso
“Beef heart” tomato compote
-fried artichoke and broad beans, virgin sauce
Parmesan crumble / cassava chips

26 €

Selection of seasonal vegetable*
26 €

(*)Corresponds to a range of products grown within 200 km around Paris


Dessert Plate Ciel de Paris

Salad with hazelnuts dressing
18 €

Chocolate tasting in three ways
16 €

Raspberry / Lime bayadère
Pistachio Genoa bread
Raspberry and Morello cherry marmalade
Lime cream
14 €
Strawberry / Basil Macaroon
Macaroon and madeleine biscuit
Mascarpone whipped cream with basil
Sorbet and fresh strawberries
15 €
Peach / rhubarb keg
Crunchy Linzer shortbread
Vanilla and rhubarb diplomat / Peach mousse
14 €

Ciel de Paris sweet selection
18 €