Chef | Christophe MARCHAIS


Plat starter Ciel de Paris

Organic Soft boiled egg
Tonka Parsnip cream
Chicken’s oyster and candied chestnuts
Mushroom emulsion with truffle oil
30 €

Organic Scottish smoked salmon
Salpicon of tanguy vegetables
Tarama flavored with wasabi
German wheat waffle with
seaweed and rocket salad
36 €

Crab meat / Oysters Marennes d’Oléron
Sucrine with crab meat and tobico egg
Oysters poached in tea and fine lobster jelly
Avocado guacamole / Cassava chips
35 €

Spiny lobster and scallop salad
Carrot with ravigote sauce
Marinated forgotten vegetables
Truffle vinaigrette / dried caviar beads
48 €

Spécial Ciel de Paris Foie gras tasting
44 €

Caviar Acipenser Baeri
Nano « ON THE ROCKS » by caviar de Neuvic (10 gr)
Champagne Ultra Brut Laurent-Perrier (15cl)
48 €

Champagne Ultra Brut Laurent Perrier
110 €


Fish Plate Ciel de Paris

Roasted, on a creamy salsify
Parsnips and golden ball turnip
Garlic cream and Parsley shallots
40 €
Cod back fish
Roasted, Meuniere leeks
On a pumpkin and squid Riso
Chorizo sauce
45 €
Fillet of John Dory
Roasted, Glazed with spices / Crunchy fennel
Sweet potato with coconut milk and curry
Spinach sprouts / Petal of garlic
Capers and rosemary
39 €
Sea bass fillet
Grenaille potatoes fricassee
Chard and arugula / Lardoons
Parmesan crumble / Surf & turf sauce
42 €


Meat Plate Ciel de Paris

Free- range poultry ballotine
Foie gras and mixed mushrooms
Chinese cabbage tagliatelle and pumpkin
Yellow wine sauce
40 €
Heart of beef fillet
Potatoes risotto and boletus mushrooms
Roasted mini vegetables
Melanosporum truffle sauce
59 €
Pork breast Fillet
Confit with Espelette pepper and ginger
Red cabbage with spice wine
Sweet and sour, honey and rosemary sauce
40 €
Half duck breast
Glazed with citrus and linseeds
Creamy parsnips “Tonka”
Golden ball turnip / Lettuce and chestnuts
Pepper sauce with cranberry
42 €

Vegeterian Plate Ciel de Paris

Soft boiled egg / Green Asparagus
Artichokes and chanterelle mushrooms
Celery cream with truffle oil

25 €

Autumn variation
Stewed seasonal fruits & vegetables
Served warm in a vinaigrette / Mushrooms espuma
20 €

Pumpkin riso and forgotten vegetables
Sweet potato purée
Parmesan crumble / Parsnip crisps
26 €

Selection of seasonal vegetable*
26 €

(*)Corresponds to a range of products grown within 200 km around Paris


Dessert Plate Ciel de Paris

Salad with hazelnuts dressing
16 €

Chocolate tasting in three ways
16 €

Cinnamon apple
Speculoos shortbread candied apples
Chestnut biscuit / Cinnamon ice cream
14 €
The chocolate chestnut
Madeleine Biscuit and creamy chocolate
Glazed chestnut ganache
14 €
Orange and coffee
Orange macaroon, foamy coffee / baileys
Arabica jelly and citrus coulis
14 €

Ciel de Paris sweet selection
18 €