Chef | Christophe MARCHAIS


Plat starter Ciel de Paris

Organic Soft boiled egg
On a potato risotto / Creamy Jerusalem artichoke
Pan-fried foie gras nuggets and pleurotus mushrooms
Milk foam with truffle oil
32 €

Organic smoked salmon
Tangy vegetable salpicon
Slightly lemony tarama cream with wasabi
Crispy waffle with seaweed and arugula
36 €

Crab meat & Smoked sprats
Crab meat sucrine lettuce and smoked sprats
On a lobster jelly and Tobiko egg
Neuvic caviar / Avocado and cassava chips
On a celery and horseradish apple remoulade
38 €

Lobster claws and scallop salad
Multicolored carrot julienne linked to ravigote
Parsnip and golden ball turnip / in truffle vinaigrette
Dried caviar flower
48 €

Spécial Ciel de Paris Foie gras tasting
46 €

L’excellence ïodée
Caviar Acipenser Baeri
Nano « ON THE ROCKS » by caviar de Neuvic (10gr)
Champagne Abelé 1757 Blanc de Blanc (15cl)
56 €

Caviar Daurenki « Petrossian » (30 gr)
Champagne Abelé 1757 Blanc de Blanc (15cl)
140 €


Fish Plate Ciel de Paris

Seaweed and shellfish riso
Caramelized salsify
Colorful cauliflower salpicon / caviar butter
42 €
“Whole, shelled”
Mashed Ratte potatoes
Meunières leeks and button mushrooms
Vegetable soup with orange and ginger
Scented with lemongrass
85 €
Pan-fried, spice glaze and flax seeds
Caramelized chicory and roasted parsnips
Crosnes & Lardons Lobster stew
40 €
Sea bass fillet
“Grenaille” baby potatoes fricassee
Multicolored chard, golden turnip, beetroot
Parmesan crumble / Chorizo ​​sauce
44 €


Meat Plate Ciel de Paris

Free-range poultry ballotine stuffed with foie
Carrot and celery tagliatelle
Spinach baby leaves
Conchiglioni with mushrooms and herb butter
Albufera Sauce
41 €
Heart of beef fillet
Charlotte potato risotto
Greedy peas and baby carrots
Melanosporum truffle sauce
59 €

Farm pork chop
Candied, Espelette pepper and ginger
Sweet potato puree with Tonka bean
Veal jus with Gretz mustard
43 €
Half duck breast
Creamy Jerusalem artichoke “Tonka”
Variation of ancient vegetables
Sucrine salad / Beetroot / crispy bacon
Blood orange sauce
46 €

Vegeterian Plate Ciel de Paris

Soft-boiled egg / Oyster mushrooms
Potato risotto
Creamy Jerusalem artichoke and roasted parsnip
Milk foam with truffle oil / Paprika popcorn

26 €

Old fruits and vegetables served lukewarm
Fresh goat curd and marinated mushrooms
Beetroot emulsion with spices

21 €

Riso of mushrooms and caramelized salsify
Parsnip and golden ball turnip, leek meunière
Parmesan crumble / parsnip chips

28 €

Selection of seasonal vegetable*
28 €

(*)Corresponds to a range of products grown within 200 km around Paris


Dessert Plate Ciel de Paris

Salad with hazelnuts dressing
18 €

Chocolate tasting in three ways
16 €

The pear
Surprise chocolate shell
Crumble and lightly peppered salpicon
Warm cocoa sauce and vanilla ice cream
14 €
Lychee / Raspberry
Vanilla and raspberry parfait shortbread cookie
Diplomat cream and lychee jelly.
15 €
The lightning
Like a Paris-Brest
Mousseline and hazelnut praline
Creamy passion fruit and crispy opaline
14 €

Ciel de Paris sweet selection
18 €