68.00 €

Every evening

Heart of smoked salmon
Tamara flavoured with wasabi
Crispy german wheat with seaweed
Cauliflower with horseradish

Duck foie gras with Beaumes de Venise
Apple chutney with dried fruits

Vegetable salad
Raw & cooked seasonal fruits & vegetables
Eggplant cream on a parmesan shortbread

Velvety lobster soup
Salpicon, sea urchin coral


Red mullet & variegated scallops
Riso with pumpkin / Herbs butter sauce

Gilt-head bream
Cream of celeru with truffle oil
Spinach sprouts / Manioc rips
Nut butter with dried fruits

Rump of veal
Cooked in low temperature & roasted
Ratte potatoes
Veal juice with tarragon

Free range chicken breast
Seasonal vegetables
Chanterelle mushroom
Albufera sauce


Saint Marcellin Cheese

Chocolate cake / Dried fruits caramel

Fresh fruits salad,
passion fruit sorbet

Crème brûlée with tonka bean

Ice cream & sorbet