Meet our Chef Christophe Marchais



Chef | Christophe MARCHAIS


image ciel de paris carte

Chef’s selection of multicolored tomatoes
Purple mustard ice cream / Smoked sprats
Hazelnut dressing / Pine nuts
28 €

Organic Scottish smoked salmon
Tanguy salpicon, tarama flavoured with wasabi
Waffle with seaweed & rocket salad
30 €

Crab / Smoked salmon with beetroot
Avocado / Granny Smith jelly
32 €

Spiny lobster salad
Multi-colored baby carrots coleslaw
Coriander ravigote sauce
Truffle dressing, dried caviar beads
46 €

Foie gras
Spécial Ciel de Paris Foie gras tasting
42 €

L’excellence ïodée
Caviar Acipenser Baeri Nano « ON THE ROCKS » by caviar de Neuvic (10gr)
Champagne Ultra Brut Laurent-Perrier (15cl)
46 €

Champagne Ultra Brut Laurent Perrier
108 €


image ciel de paris carte fish

Dublin bay prawns
Fondue of sweet pepper
Chorizo / Baby fennel
Lemongrass & coconut milk sauce
39 €

Rizo with broad bean & garden peas
Roasted green asparagus
76 €

Back of cod
Tomatoes tartare
Pickled vegetables / Virgin sauce
36 €

Sea bass
Baby potatoes/ Artichoke
Chanterelle mushrooms / Rocket salad
Surf & turf sauce
42 €

Selection of seasonal vegetables*
24 €

(*)Corresponds to a range of products grown within 200 km around Paris


Rack of lamb
On a pistachio crust
Onion cream / Bacon crips
Seasonal baby vegetable
Rosemary juice
42 €

Heart of beef fillet
Crushed potatoes
Melanosporum truffle sauce
56 €

Veal Chop
Roasted with sage
Risotto of potatoes
Chanterelle mushroom / Broad beans
Yellow wine sauce
44 €

Duck breast fillet
Crystalized nectarine with tamarina
Ratte potatoes
Purée of sweet potatoes with vanilla
Pepper sauce
39 €


Cheese selection
Salad with hazelnuts dressing
14 €

Chocolat grand cru
Chocolate tasting in three ways
Crémeux Caramélia, mousse Araguani
Chantilly Jivara Tonka
16 €

Strawberry cake
Mascarpone cream / Basil / Olive
14 €

Vanilla & peach
Rhubarb heart / Crispy shortbread
12 €

Chocolate brownie
Namelaka / Passion fruit
Dulcey Chantilly
12 €

Ciel de Paris sweet selection
18 €